Shahkar Bineshpajooh Concert

Shahkar Bineshpajooh Concert

4/2/16  ~~  8:30 to 12 pm
Doors Open:  7:30 pm  ~~  Ages 8+

Copernicus Center Tickets, Shahkar Bineshpajooh, Concert, Chicago


$45 to $100

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Dr. Shahkar Bineshpajooh

Poet, Music Composer, University Lecturer and Singer.

Shahkar Bineshpajooh born in Tehran, Iran.

Even before Shahkar’s birth, his parents had already decided to name him Shahkar, equating him with a masterpiece.

Shahkar remained the only child in the family.

When he was fifteen, he found solace in writing poetry and eventually, in music. Without having any formal instruction, Shahkar learned to play the guitar, piano, drums, and percussion.

Shahkar’s family strongly opposed his interest in music, always scorning him for following his passion. As a result, he found sanctuary in studying Political Geography, Urban Planning, as well as Music Composition. He immersed himself into these academic fields while producing several music albums and poetry.

In 2002, he received his Doctorate degree in Urban Planning with high honors. He was officially announced by the Iranian Department of Education the youngest student in the Doctorate program.

All of his hard work has been in an effort to live up to the meaning of his name. Here is a chronology of his achievements:

1994:Received his bachelor’s degree in Economic Geography.Supervised the first post-revolution Guitar Concert.
1995:Founded the first-ever Fusion Music Concert (Performance was banned).
1996:Received his master’s degree in Political Geography.
1997:Released “The Lady of Orient” album.
1998:Participated in the first as well as the last Pop Music Festival.Subsequently he was banned for five years to perform in any concert.
1999:Released the book “I do love your hands”.
2000:Produced and recorded the album “The Note (Eskenas)”.
2001:Wrote numerous articles on Tehran’s Urban Planning.
2002:Was conferred his Ph.D. degree in Urban Planning.
2003:Released his book of songs “The Naderi Cafe”.
2004:Published “The Note” following four years of awaiting government release.Translated and published Pablo Neruda’s “The Eternity of a Kiss”.Conducted interviews with BBC, Daily Telegraph, Times, Reuters and others.Launched activities to have his book “The Idiotland” published but it was banned by government.
2005:Produced and recorded the album “Your Majesty” (banned by government).Bidding to have his book “I am not politicized” released but it was banned by government.Translated and released Bertolt Brecht’s selected poems under the title “Mr. Prime Minister”.
2006:Bidding to release his book “The Humans Lineage” but banned by government.Released the album “Literature of another ilk” (6 of 23 songs got the permission to be released but the rest were denied)
2007:Started the recording Shahkar’s new album in Paris.
2008:Performed some pieces such as “Sleep by My Side” and “Que Hiciste” with Yerevan Opera Orchestra.
2009:Performed with Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra.
2010:Created and recorded new songs while in Europe.
2011:Started the recording of “Havaye Esgh” and “Hala to Khabi” with maestro Shardad Rohani for performance in Symphony Orchestra.
2012:Performed with Ukraine’s National Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra and Kiev’s Opera Orchestra.
2013:Performed with Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra at Nokia Theatre.
2014:Performed In Washington DC (Warner Theatre – September 20th) with Symphony Orchestra
 Performed in Los Angeles (Nokia Theatre – March 1) with Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra
 Performed in New York (Queens College – October 18th)with Symphony Orchestra
 Performed in San jose (Cupertino – April 12th) with Symphony Orchestra
 Performed in Toronto (Roy Thomson Hall – September 28th) with Symphony Orchestra
 Performed in London (Central Hall – November 22th) with Symphony Orchestra

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