Venue Rental FAQ

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Can I tour your facilities?

Yes, Monday through Friday from 9:00am-3:00pm for a tour with one of our venue space specialists. Evening or weekend viewings are ONLY available via appointment, as the office is closed.
Special Event Space Tours (Annex, King’s Hall): please call 773-313-9157.
Theater tours: please call our Theater Manager Justine @ 773-313-9147

For a virtual tour of the Theater, Lobby, and Annex click here.

How many people can a round and long table comfortably seat?

Round Table (5 ft): 8 people comfortably. When seating small children, up to 10 comfortably.

Long Rectangular Table (6 ft): Seat 6 comfortably. However, some set-ups can include seating at table ends.

How many round tables does the King’s Hall accommodate?

With a dance floor: maximum of 8 tables, plus one more as a head table.

Without dance floor: 11 round tables, plus one more as a head table.

How many tables does the Annex accommodate?

Round Tables: For an event with seated dinner service and a dance floor, a maximum of 15 round tables is recommended.

Long Tables: Maximum capacity (with the piano in corner and podium space) is 48 six foot by thirty-inch (6’inch x 30’) tables.

Is the upper Lobby included with a Lobby rental?

The upper Lobby (mezzanine) is not standard with a Lobby rental; exceptions can be made on a per event request.

Can I use an outside Caterer?

Yes. Outside catering is always welcome. We have compiled a list base on review and recommendation from prior clients. Please click here to see the list.

Can i bring my own alcohol and bartenders?

The Copernicus Center has a single user liquor license. Therefore, we must provide bar services. Note: Our bar staff will add excellent service to your event.

Where do my private party guest park?

This will depend on what hall your event is booked in as well as the other events potentially held at the Center during the same time.

Before booking you will be informed whether there will be parking restrictions on the day of your choice. With multiple lots at our disposal, we will be sure to designate a spot which is the best logistical solution for your guests.

Can you recommend a Wedding Planner?

As we did with Caterers, the Copernicus Center is currently seeking reviews and recommendations from former clients.  Once compiled, we will post the page on the venue rental tab and include a link here.  If you ARE a former client and would like to recommend a wedding planner, please send an email to [email protected] .

I’m interested in renting, where do I start?

Please submit a venue rental request with our request form. The submission is received by our office and a customize quote is prepared. Once your individualized quote is completed, it will be sent to you along with additional helpful information and details.

Next, you then have the option to place a “courtesy hold” or confirm the booking (deposit required).

There is no price to place a courtesy hold. Often dates will have multiple holds. Should you choose to proceed with your event, the other holds prior to yours will receive a courtesy 24-48-hour warning during which they can either place the deposit to book the date or relinquish it to the next person. Please note that this is a courtesy and not binding.

What is your address?

5216 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60630 – We are in Jefferson Park just a block from the transit station and a block from the exit on 90.

How many people will the Annex, Lobby, or King’s Hall accommodate for my event?

See capacity information on each venue page. Links for each venue space are at the top of this page.

For venue equipment rental information, please submit a request.

Can I see pictures of my room options?

Yes. We have picture galleries of all our rental facilities.  SEE PICTURES HERE

How do I get my public event listed on your website?  i.e.: Concert, Theater, Seminar, etc?

Once your Contact & Deposit are received, you may fill out the Marketing & Ticketing Packet & return it to [email protected].