Staff Directory

Meet our amazing Copernicus Center Staff

Copernicus Center buildingOur staff consists of a small highly qualified group (plus volunteers) that make Chicago’s Copernicus Center run smoothly. We are here to help you. Please choose the right department for your inquiry for the quickest response. Email is preferred.

Our website is full of many answers to your questions, but if you still have a question, please feel free to contact our team.

Our team is:

  • Very Professional
  • Hard Working
  • Ready to Serve
  • The Few… but the Efficient

Office Staff

Below is a list of our wonderful office staff. Please direct your questions to the appropriate contact.




Kamila Sumelka Executive Director [email protected]
Justine BonDurant Theater Operations Manager – Theatre Rental [email protected]
Marta Przybylska Venue Rentals – Weddings, Private Parties, Meetings [email protected]
Marta Przybylska Building Manager [email protected]
Walter Trzos Chief Financial Officer [email protected]
Marleen Kasbee Website & Social Media [email protected]

Who to Contact

  • For general inquiries, questions about our annual festivals such as Taste of Polonia, sponsorships or operations management, please contact our Executive Director, Kamila Sumelka.
  • For venue tours, theater contract questions, or theater rental coordination, please contact our Theater Operations & Rental,  Justine BonDurant.
  • For corporate events and private parties, venue rentals, general questions, membership information, and newsletter information, please contact Marta Przybylska.
  • Please contact Marta Przybylska for questions relating the building, including building staff, operations and building maintenance.
  • For financial and accounting inquiries, please contact our Chief Financial Officer, Walter Trzos.
  • For website, social media, and marketing inquiries, please contact Marleen Kasbee.
  • For Ticket & Box Office inquiries please call 773-205-0044 or email [email protected]

Board of Directors


Name – Nazwisko

OF – Miejsce


President Mario Mikoda Schiller Park Chicago Society
Vice President Bogdan Bosak Park Ridge Chicago Metal Supply
Treasurer Zenon Kurdziel Riverside Ridgeland Associates Inc.
Secretary Robert Groszek Chicago Groszek Law Firm
Chairman of the Board Hubert Cioromski Park Ridge Troy Realty
Board Member Dr. Benny Ciszek Wood Dale Advocate Medical Group
Board Member Don Gutowski Norridge Past Chairman & President & Treasurer
Board Member Agata Paleczny Crest Hill Warsztaty Teatralne
Board Member Mary Anselmo Lincolnshire
Board Member Nick Cioromski Chicago Byrd – Cioromski PC
Board Member Charlie Kowalewski Chicago
Executive Director Kamila Sumelka Franklin Park Copernicus Center

Advisory Board

Honorary Board Members & Past Presidents

Ewa Cholewinska Don Gutowski
Wojciech Kalembasa Mitchell Kobelinski
Stephen Cioromski Bob Flor
Patricia Urbaniak Gregg Kobelinski
George Tolczyk Hubert Cioromski
Danka Durkiewicz John Wojciechowski
Wesley Evans