Completing a College Degree

Completing a College Degree – Dokończ studia wyższe

Tuesday, 24 January 2017  → 6 PM  ←  Annex Doors Open: 5:30 pm ~ All Ages Welcome

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The Career Center of the Polish American Association invites you to attend a free informational session.

Completing a College Degree, PAA, Free Seminar, Copernicus Center, Chicago, Polish American Center, The presentation will be conducted by representatives from program Complete the Degree Chicago and is mostly addressed to adults who have some college credits, but haven’t completed a college degree.

They will focus on:

  • One-on-one planning and guidance with an advisor
  • Support in getting credit for previous education and life experience
  • Guidance with scholarships, grants and loans

The session will take place on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 6:00 pm at the Copernicus Center at 5216 W. Lawrence.

For more information regarding the session, please call 773 282-1122 ext. 414

This session is sponsored by the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership and by the Copernicus Foundation Equal opportunity Employer/Program.

Poradnia Zawodowa Zrzeszenia Amerykańsko Polskiego pragnie zaprosić wszystkich zainteresowanych na bezpłatne spotkanie informacyjne na temat:

Dokończ studia wyższe

Gośćmi spotkania bedą przedstawiciele programu Complete the Degree Chicago i jest ono glównie skierowane do osób dorosłych, które rozpoczęły studia (również w Polsce), ale je przerwały a teraz chciałyby uzyskać dyplom wyższej uczelni. Podczas spotkania będzie można dowiedziec sie o:

  • Indywidualnych spotkaniach z doradcą dotyczących twoich potrzeb i ustaleniu planu działania
  • Pomocy w zaliczeniu poprzednich lat nauki
  • Poradach odnośnie opłaty za szkolę – stypendia, pożyczki, dofinansowanie

Spotkanie odbędzie się we wtorek, 24 stycznia, 2017 o godzinie 18:00 w Centrum Kopernikowskim przy 5216 W. Lawrence. Po więcej informacji na temat spotkania można dzwonić pod numer telefonu 773 282 1122 wew. 414

For events in the ANNEX, please use the separate door just off Lawrence Avenue rather than the main entrance. [5214 W Lawrence]  A coat check is available in the foyer.


Founded in 1922, the Polish American Association (PAA) is the nation’s only human services organization providing a comprehensive range of bilingual and bicultural services to the Polish community and others in need.

Mission: The mission of the Polish American Association, a human service agency, is to serve the diverse needs of the Polish community in the Chicago metro area by providing resources for changing lives, with emphasis on assisting immigrants

Programs & Services: Through its 28 programs and services PAA is providing clients with the resources for changing their lives and enhancing their ability to become contributing members of our community.

Education and Employment Services:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL), Adult Basic Education (ABE), and citizenship classes
  • vocational training for Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA) and Physical Rehabilitation Aid (PRA) classes
  • office skills vocational training
  • job development and placement
  • career counseling
  • computer literacy classes
  • computer lab – resource rooms

The school is approved by the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education (


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