Appeal Property Tax 2015

How to Appeal Property Tax Assessment

Tue, December 29, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Free Event –  in the Theater

Please bring a copy of your second installment property tax bill or make sure you have your Property Index Number (PIN) available.

Attendees will learn how to file a property tax appeal and how an appeal is granted. Staff will be on hand to answer questions.

Tax Assessment, Tax appeal, Chicago, Copernicus Center, Appeal Property TaxHow To Appeal

If you feel your property is over-assessed, you have the right to file an appeal with the Board of Review. The Board of Review accepts appeals from property owners by townships which open for appeals for a limited period. To file an appeal with the Board of Review, simply fill out a complaint form and return it to the Board of Review before your township’s appeal period is closed. Commissioner Cabonargi’s staff will research the appeal and prepare evidence for the Board to review and make a decision. You can also file an appeal in person at the Board of Review or at a satellite office. Please refer to the website for addresses and operating hours.

How To Appeal Online

Property owners may file an appeal online through the Board of Review’s website ( A property owner may also preregister an appeal before their township opens. For more information please visit To learn when your township opens and closes for appeals or for more information about the appeals process, please contact Commissioner Cabonargi’s office at (312) 603-5560.

Grounds for Property Tax Appeal

There are several grounds for appealing your assessment, including, but not limited to:

  • Comparable properties near your property are assessed at values lower than yours
  • Factual errors in the description of the property, including incorrect square footage and/or characteristics
  • Damage caused by fire, flood, or other casualty, or property that has been wholly or partly demolished
  • The property was recently purchased for less than the Assessor’s fair market value of the property

Board of Review Website [ Linked Here ]

The Board of Review is now accepting pre-registration 2015 assessment complaints from individuals filing on their own property for any township that has not yet opened for review by the Board of Review for its 2015 session.

The Board of Review will process any pre-registration complaint form for review once the relevant township opens for filing during our 2015 session. If you would like to file a pre-registration assessment complaint at this time, please use the link above.

The Copernicus Foundation is proud to provide underwriting through the use of the Copernicus Center facilities for this event.

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