What Was I Thinking

What Was I Thinking Comedy Show


Doors Open:  7 pm  … Show: 8 pm to 10:30pm


  TICKETS   $20

A blend of great live music and multi cultural comedy all in one event!

Featured Artists:
Vince Acevedo, TuRae Gordon, Tyson Karrasch, Lucky Luciano, Pete Galanis Blues Band featuring Nate Manos

Copernicus Center Chicago - What was I Thinking comedy

By blending live Blues Music and Stand Up Comedy, this one time event is bringing all races, religions, and cultures together to laugh and enjoy some of the best live entertainment the city of Chicago has to offer.  All of the acts come from different cultures and upbringings which they successfully blend together to bring you the What Was I Thinking Comedy Show!

With great music to set the tone of the show and to keep the crowd upbeat and ready to party, the opening of the show would be enough to satisfy a great night out by itself!  From there the show transitions from live music to live comedy brought to you by some of the best local and international comics of today.

  • The show is hosted by veteran comedian TuRae Gordon who has been featured on almost every stage in the USA and abroad but he is originally from Philadelphia.

  • The opening act is a native of San Diego bringing his dry yet clever humor, Tyson Karrasch.

  • The feature of the night is the wildly funny Dominican named Lucky Luciano and,

  • Finally, the Headliner of the night is Vince Acevedo. He has been doing stand up for 9 years and is out to bring the funny to as many people as possible!!

Vince Acevedo Facebook link

Vince Acevedo Video


Sharing info:
What Was I Thinking – 2-14-2014
Copernicus Center, 5216 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60630
URL: https://copernicuscenter.org/what-was-i-thinking/

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