Hungarian Revolution

1956 Hungarian Revolution ~ 60 Year Commemoration

10/23/2016 →  2 to 6 pm  →  Doors Open:  1 pm  →  All Ages Welcome

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60 Years ago more than 2500 Men, Women and Children gave to us a gift. Please join us in honoring their memory at “The 1956 Hungarian Revolution – 60 Years” commemoration.  This fight for freedom against overwhelming odds was joined by all . . . most survived but over 2500 gave us their gift . . . only their Lives . . .

The 1956 HUNGARIAN REVOLUTION began as a peaceful protest by students in Budapest. The students were protesting the mistreatment of Polish farmers. At “The 1956 Hungarian Revolution – 60 Years” commemoration you can relive those heady days of freedom. All of us must remember that the struggle for freedom is ongoing as evidenced by current events.

We will commemorate the past and celebrate the future for all the Stalwarts of Freedom. “The 1956 Hungarian Revolution – 60 Years” commemoration will be joined by our Polish Brothers in the form of guest speakers, performers and visuals recounting our over 1100 years of Brotherhood. Special emphasis is focused on this long lasting relationship since both countries have Officially Designated 2016 as the year of Polish – Hungarian Brotherhood.

The commemoration will feature both the Hungarian Consul General and the new Polish Consul General as keynote speakers. Also both the WICI dancers and Tatra dancers are included in our program.

In this spirit of brotherhood shared by all who love freedom “The 1956 Hungarian Revolution – 60 Years” commemoration welcomes the support of the various Hungarian, Polish, other ethnic organizations, businesses and individuals who have provided sponsorship.

The Program includes a Video documentary and the Annex will display a large Exhibit to be viewed before, after and during intermission. Free light refreshments are included, attendees can also purchase other drinks at the bar.

Featured Speakers & Performers:

  • Zsolt Nemeth, chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the Hungarian parliament
  • Hungarian Consul General Dr. Ferenc Szebenyi
  • Polish Consul General, Piotr Janicki
  • Illinois State Representative, Robert Martwick
  • PNA President, Frank Spula
  • PACC President, Anna Morzy
  • The Borozda Hungarian Folk Ensemble
  • The Polish WICI Dancers
  • The Polish Highlander Tatra Dancers
  • Opera Star Viktoria Vizin
  • Melinda Polgar

Event Producer & link:   Csaba Zongor 

The Copernicus Foundation is proud to provide underwriting through the use of the Copernicus Center facilities for this event.

Watch Video at THIS LINK


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