Demystifying Home and Business Computing

Demystifying Home and Business Computing

Learn the basics of managing and maintaining your computing environment, whether home or small business. Buy the tech you need, stay safe on the web! 


Doors Open to Public: 10:00am ~~ EVENT: 10:15am to 1:00pm ~~ Room C

TICKET LINK:    Ticket Prices $25 online, $30 at the door

Computer class - Chicago - ComputingThis class covers data size and speed in terms that you can understand. It takes you through Chicago’s Internet ISP’s and carefully analyzes their offerings, as well as looking at their fine print. It covers what to do when you get that internet to your home or small business- do you use a wired or wireless connection? And how do you use a wireless connection? What’s with all that 802.11 jargon? What’s a switch? Do you need a firewall? Why can’t you get wireless in certain parts of your home/business? Does a server make sense (what IS a server actually??). How do you stay safe while computing? What are you up against? What do you need minimally to protect your computer/family computers/business computers? Do you need backup? How much? Will another hard drive do it? What about those backup commercials I hear?

Concepts will be explained clearly and simply; this class is NOT for data professionals but rather for someone managing their home/family environment, their home office or small business, or just someone who could use a clear understanding of the concepts involved with getting the right internet service, deploying it successfully at home or in your business, understanding the threats arrayed against you and successfully defending yourself/your family/your business from internet threats while safely and securely using its benefits.

The world of computing is a confusing and constantly changing mix of acronyms and poorly-explained terms. This class is aimed at cutting through the jargon to give you a clear understanding of how technology works in your home or small business. Understanding tech allows you to make rational purchasing decisions, buying only what you need and making sure you can provide internet connectivity throughout your home or business safely and securely. Relevant to both Windows and Mac users – anyone that wants a better understanding of using their computers in a home and/or business environment.

WHAT? A 2¾ hour class explaining technology, divided into 2 sections with a break in between. Lecture style (no computers!). Handouts will be provided, as will coffee. Seating is limited. Come prepared to learn.

WHERE? The Copernicus Center, a civic and cultural center on Chicago’s Northwest side, 5216 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60630. The class will be held in Room C. The Copernicus Center has free parking and is central to all public transportation (bus and train) via the Jefferson park CTA terminal, within walking distance.

WHEN? Wednesday June 25, starting at 10:15am and ending at 1:00pm, with breaks.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Anyone who wants to cut through the jargon to understand and make better usecomputer class - computing - chicago of technology in their home or small business should attend. The class is aimed at people who routinely use computers but are looking for an in-depth understanding of many of the concepts involving computers and technology.

HOW MUCH? $25 pre-registration, $30 at the door.

TAUGHT BY? The class will be taught by Ken Kobus. Mr. Kobus was the Director of Technology at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago for 20 years, where he built their computing environment from nothing to, one of the most technically advanced museums in the world.

AGE APPROPRIATE for? Teen & higher

SEE CLASS OUTLINE (scroll down this page):  






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Demystifying Home & Business Computing
Learn the basics of managing and maintaining your computing environment, whether home or small business. Buy the tech you need, stay safe on the web!
6/25/2014 ~ 10:15 pm – 1:00 pm

Copernicus Center, 5216 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago ~ demystifying-home-and-business-computing

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