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Ballet Folklorico de Chicago 2023

Ballet Folklorico de Chicago 4th Anniversary Celebration



► DATE:  21 May 2023

TIME:  5:30 pm to 8:00 pm   

 ► Copernicus Center Doors Open:  4:30 pm  •  Theater Doors Open: 5:00 pm 


 ► DATE:  21 May 2023   

TIME:  1 pm to 3:30 pm 

 ► Copernicus Center Doors Open:  12 pm  •  Theater Doors Open: 12:30 pm 

Copernicus Tickets

Tickets: $10 – $35
General ticket sales: 2/1/2023
Meet & Greet?: no

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Ballet Folklorico de Chicago Facebook Event

Ballet Folklorico de ChicagoBallet Folklorico de Chicago, Chicago’s largest and most inclusive ballet folklorico organization is celebrating our 4th anniversary on Sunday, May 21, 2023, from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm. The celebration will be held at Chicago’s premier event center, Copernicus Center, located at 5216 W. Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60630.

This event will be a celebration of the Mexican culture, and the performances will combine dance and live music to bring you Mexico’s folklore and history. The dances encompass the history, geography, traditions and most particularly the influences of the people who lived in the region where their dances originated. Each region has an ensemble that reflects its heritage since Mexico (like the US) was settled by Indigenous, Europeans and Africans. Each group left their mark, and you will notice the different sounds, materials, colors, and tempo.

Ballet Folklorico de Chicago performs at all types of high profile and high visibility events throughout the year such as: famous artists, city-wide events, and festivals, private, school and church performances. Please join us as we fundraise for additional programs and events for the benefit of our community! You do not want to miss the passion for our culture that all our classes (kids and adults) will be displaying.

Become closer to our traditions and let the vibrant spirit of Mexico take over!

Ballet Folklorico de Chicago organizations’ mission:

Ballet Folklorico de Chicago is a non-profit organization that provides low-cost cultural and artistic dance instruction in Chicago. Our dances are a mixture of ballet and Mexican folk dances that are rooted in African, European, and Indigenous influences and we seek to preserve all our traditions for future generations. We promote education that speaks to our communities ethnic/cultural identity and instills pride in their identity. We likewise invest in our children’s futures by awarding yearly college scholarships.

We seek to elevate the reputation of our community through the arts. Our organization promotes wholesome activities that all members of the family can participate in together. In addition, we also provide affordable and free performances so everyone in our community can enjoy.

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Ballet Folklorico de Chicago

Contact Information:

[email protected]

(872) 760-6418

 This event is a Theater Rental. → Please contact the event’s organizer/promoter for information not listed above or on the ticketing page linked above.
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