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Wednesday Night Bingo

BINGO & Raffle

On hold until further notice. 

WEDNESDAY Bingo: Games begin at 7 pm to 9:30 pm

~ Doors Open:  5 pm

Click here for SATURDAY Bingo

Snacks & Beverages available both days

Copernicus Center Annex ~~ 18 years & up only 

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Play every week to benefit two great non-profits!

The Chicago Coalition To Save Our Mental Health Centers, Bingo license # B-3790, invites you to play Bingo / Raffle at the Copernicus Center every Wednesday evening.  

Saturday Bingo benefits the Institute for Community Empowerment ( Bingo # B-03537 ). Doors open at 9 am & play begins at 11 am. 

$5,198 in cash prizes will be given away each week, plus Pull-Tabs and other opportunities to win . Ample free parking and excellent public transportation are available.

The Annex is a beautiful place to play and relax with friends.  It is located on the main level, has a separate entrance off of Lawrence Avenue, and is handicap accessible,

The Chicago Reader named us “Best Bingo Night.”  → Click HERE 


We have a variety of card & computer options: Computers start at just $35 and paper cards start at $15.

☼ The doors open at 5pm so players can buy their computers / card packages, get something to eat or drink, and purchase any of our raffle and “pull tab” tickets. These items are sold throughout the games. 

☼ Each week the full amount of prizes totals $5,198, with two big games at $1,199.Bingo | Chicago | Jackpot | Copernicus Center

☼ We also have a big jackpot game called “Wildstar.”  The Jackpot increases $200 weekly.   See Chicago Bingo Facebook for Jackpot amount updates.  The pot is rebuilt after each win.

The first Bingo Wildstar Jackpot was won on 9-25-2014.  Congratulations to the 1st Chicago Bingo, Bingo, Thursday Bingo, Bingo in Chicago, Thursday night bingo, Copernicus Centerwinner of $23,200

Bingo winner Amber won $15,000.

Her lucky number was 19!  


About Chicago Coalition To Save our Mental Health Centers

The Chicago Coalition To Save Our Mental Centers is a not-for-profit organization that has worked for 25 years to expanded mental health services for Chicago residents who most need them and can least afford them.

You can support the work of the Coalition, by donating at this link. 

For further information about the Coalition’s work, or to volunteer to help the Coalition’s efforts, please visit or call 773-545-7288.


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Thursday night Bingo moved to Wednesday in 2019

Organizer & License: Chicago Coalition To Save Our Mental Health Centers –  Bingo license # B-3790

  The Copernicus Foundation is proud to provide underwriting of  the use of the Copernicus Center facilities for this event.


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BINGO & Raffle ~~ EVERY WEDNESDAY at Copernicus Center ~ Benefits the Chicago Coalition To Save Our Mental Health Centers – license # B-3790

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Directions  &  Parking Map

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