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The Copernicus Center offers a variety of equipment to accompany your venue room choice.  Many room set-up options are possible and have been used by past clients.  Our staff can recommend a number of choices to best suit your event.  

The FAQ page answers many common seating questions.   A list with more details is at the bottom of this page.


Rectangle BanquetTable - Rectangle banquetRectangle ClassroomTable - Rectangle ClassroomBistro Finished TopTable - Bistro high finished topSmallTable - Small
 Round BanquetTable - Round Banquet Beer Garden SetTable - Beer garden setBistro Unfinished Table - High Unfinished TopTablecloths

Black 108″ Round = 51

Burgundy 86″ Rectangle = 10 


Black Gold PatternChair - Black Gold PatternBlack vinylChair - Black vinylBlue Gold PatternChair - Blue Gold PatternGrey foldingChair - Grey folding
 Maroon gold patternChair - Maroon gold pattern Red Requires coveringChair - Red White FoldingChair - White Folding Brown Vinyl – Black FrameChair Brown Vinyl-Black Frame
  Small  (4’ x 2’)1
  Round Banquet  (5′ x 30.5″)25
  Rectangle Banquet  (6′ x 30″)75
  Rectangle Classroom  (6′ x 18″)30
  Bistro – Unfinished Top  (30″ x 41″)17
  Bistro – Finished Top (24″ x 41″)7
  Beer Garden Table & 4 Chair Set6
 CHAIRS Quantity
  Red  (17.5″ x  32″ – must be covered )70
  Maroon/Gold Pattern   (18″x 37.5″)99
  Blue/Gold Pattern   (18″ x 37.5″)54
  Black/Gold Pattern – Black frame46
  Black Vinyl Chair  (17.5″ x  32″)50
  Brown Vinyl/Black Frame  (17.5″x 32″)92
  Folding Chairs (Grey)200
  Folding Chairs (White)26
 MISC. ITEMSQuantity
  AV Cart with flat screen 42” TV1
  Projector Screen1
  Theater Side Projector Screens1 set
  Theater Risers – 4’x8′ & 16″ high4
  Annex Risers – 6’x8′ & 8″ high4
  Walkie Talkie31
  Extension Cords  – for sale only 
  1 Speaker & 1 Wired microphone1 set
  Pipe & Drape4
  Merchandise Hangers30
  Gaffer Tape (180 ft)varies
AV cart

AV cart



PA System

PA System

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