Solid Fusion Temptation 2015


BY Rimy Tomy & Stephen Devassy with the Band


Concert:  6:30 to 10:30 PM

Doors Open to Public:  6 PM – All ages Welcome

Ticket Prices:  $250, $100 , $50 — Contact: 201-926-7477

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SOLID FUSION TEMPTATION 2015 will be filled with songs of the Indian languages performed by Rimy Tomy & Stephen Devassy and his band.

Fusion music by famous singer Stephen Devassy who will show his magic by playing different key boards at the same time. Stephen Devassy is famous for playing music with Oscar winner RAHMAN.

Rimy Tomy is the famous play back singer of Kerala, India and will rock the audience with her musical talents.. This will be a memorable night with music, dance and band.

Featured Artists’ Links:  Rimi Tomy Facebook and Stephen Devassy Facebook

Event Producer:  Carving Mind international

Event Sponsor:  St.George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, Oak Park, Illinois 60632




Public Service Announcement  PAA, Polish American Association, Career help by the PAA
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