Our Contributors

Copernicus Foundation is deeply honored by the support of hundreds of individuals and institutions through the years. It is because of this generosity from our supporters that we are able to continue giving back to our community, supporting local and worldwide artists and entertaining over 200,000 Live event goers each year. We’re able to showcases the rich multi-ethnic heritage of metropolitan Chicago, particularly that of Polish-Americans; whose donations established the Center.
We gratefully acknowledge and appreciate the gifts and partnerships provided by these donors.

When you give to the Copernicus Foundation, you play an important role in helping fulfill our ongoing mission. Thank you!


Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union
Northshore University Health System
Hoyne Savings Bank
Amita Health
Euro Liquor
Mega Properties Inc
Chicago Metal Supply
Parkway Bank
Chicago Society Foundation
Evolve Financial
Wawel Construction
PR Computers
King-Forman Insurance
Chitkowski Law Offices
Oak Street Health
The Legion Of Young Polish Women
Catholic League
Paul Kanalas
Thomas W Schrock
Mike Mayse
Sharon Rossiter
Jan Czaja
Anita Kozlowski
Sarah Zam
Grazyna Cardos
Craig Holuj
Vince Ostrowski
Tomasz Poplawski
Martin L Severe
Eva M Skowronski
Lucyna Migala
Ewa Cholewinska
Mary Anselmo
Danuta Urbikas

The Copernicus Center is a major civic, cultural, educational, recreational and entertainment resource serving the metropolitan Chicago area. The Center is supported by the Copernicus Foundation, which was chartered as a not-for-profit organization in July 1971.  As a nonprofit organization, 501(c)3, the Foundation relies on donations and the support of community members and businesses.  Learn more about the Copernicus Foundation at this link.

Underwritten Events: To see a PARTIAL list of the Community and Cultural events the Foundation has underwritten, please visit this link.  [NOTE: Listing includes ONLY public events promoted on this website. The Foundation also underwrites meetings, seminars, and gatherings closed to the general public.]