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Event Marketing & Ticketing Packet 


Thank you for choosing Copernicus Center for your event. Please download the “Event Marketing & Ticketing Packet” and complete ALL QUESTIONS in the TWO (2) FORMS in addition to properly formatted images and we will assist you in advertising your event on our website and social media for FREE.



  IMAGES REQUIRED for Website, Ticketing and Social Media 


If a link is used on any imaging, please use ours: CopernicusCenter.org

File Formats:  100 or lower Resolution (dpi) –  JPEG or PNG only (NO PDF files)

Event Menu300 px wide x 200 px
Main Event page350 px width x any length
Social Media & TICKETING675 px wide x 354 px
  Additional Options  


LOBBY TV’sImages with ONLY OUR website address
will be displayed (CopernicusCenter.org)
1080 w x 1920 h
Aspect Ratio 9:16
INSTAGRAM:1080 x 1080 image
BUILDING BANNEREvent banner will be displayed for two weeks
before your event
200 x 48 ft. Cost is $300
PROMOTIONAL POSTCARDSMay be placed in vestibule kiosk in lobby

FEES:  All required information & images NOT “Upload Ready” will incur an Editing fee. 

  • $50 fee for, altering, cropping, or re-sizing images. Any text or information embellishment due to insufficient submissions on the Event Form may also incur a fee.
  • A $20 per change fee will be applied to any/all changes AFTER the Event URL is published on our site.

Event Forms submitted after 2:30 pm will not be posted on our website until the next business day (Monday thru Friday – 9 pm to 5 pm EST & excluding National holidays).





  • Box Office is open TWO HOURS before every event
  • When setting up prices please keep in mind that almost every seat in the house has good site lines. Depending on the type of show, the first 4 rows on either side may have semi-obstructed views.
  • Pursuant to the American Disabilities Act, the following seats are retained for patrons requiring
    Row C: Seats 2, 3 and 4 – ADA patrons

    Row D: Seats 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 – companions of ADA patrons
  • Once tickets are on sale, you will receive a daily “Ticket Sales” report via email. (Enter email below)
  • Promo Discount Codes are available for all tickets. Promo Codes can be set for any duration of time, percentage discount or fixed amount.
  • Please indicate if taxes will be transferred to the purchaser or include them in the ticket price

(9% Chicago Amusement Tax, 1% Cook County Amusement Tax & 0.8% BMI. Total 10.8% amusement taxes)

  • If printed tickets are needed, please indicate the amount, which cannot exceed 25% of contracted space capacity. (extra fee)


Download Packet  

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Return ALL Imaging, Event & Ticketing Forms to:  [email protected]