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Copernicus Center ChicagoThe Copernicus Center is supported by the Copernicus Foundation, a non-profit organization serving Chicago since 1979. Supporting Chicago’s large Polish population, community events on the Northwest side, and Performing Arts are the heart of the Foundation’s mission. Read more . . .   

Top Rated nonprofit Chicago Copernicus Center

Together, WE achieve so much . . . Our underwriting for community and charitable causes has exceeded $200,000 annually for the 5th year in a row!

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Bingo, Jackpot, Wildstar, Chicago, Jefferson Park

2x Weekly

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April 4

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April 10

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April 12

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April 17

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April 18

OSHA | Seminar | Training | PACBA | Chicago | Copernicus Center | Contractors | Builders

April 22

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April 25

KOMBII, Wydarzenia, koncerty, Chicago, Kwientnia, Polskie

April 25

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April 26

UNITY FORUM, ФОРУМ ЄДНОСТІ, Chicago, Український подій, український збирач грошей, український концерт, Етнічна музика концерт, Чикаго жива музика, Чикаго, польські художники, литовські художники, болгарські художники, грецькі художники, Trioda

May 1

Krzysztof Cugowski, Bracia, Chicago, Majowka,  Wielka Majówka, Majówka, Polskie Wydarzenia, koncerty, imprezy

May 2

Welcome To Night Vale | Chicago | @nightvaleradio

May 8

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May 10

An Evening of Empowerment, Albany Park, APCC, Albany Park Community Center, Fundraiser, Charity, Benefit, Silent Auction, Auction, North Shore Community Bank, NEIU, North Eastern Illinois University, Swedish Covenant Hospital, Casey Smagala, Labelmaster, Alper, Alper Services, Jeff Manuel, Chicago

June 17

Dr. Cesar Lozano en Chicago, Viernes 26 de Junio 6PM, Copernicus Theatre, Chicago, Cesar Lozano, Copernicus Center

June 26

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July 18 & 19

Jibaro Soy, Elizardi Castro, Eli Castro, latino comedy, puerto rican, bomba, parranda, plena, comediante, Josue Torres, mikey o, Chicago, 2015

July 25

Miranda Sings, Chicago, Summer Camp, Comedy,

August 8

Taste of Polonia Festival, Chicago, Festival

Sept 4 to 7

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September 26

Zoltán Mága, from Budapest with Love, violin, virtuoso, Hungarian, music, gypsy music, maga, magyar, budapest, zene, hegedu, zoltan, live music, Chicago

October 23

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Concerts, Cultural, and Community events

Weekly events are common at the Copernicus Center in Jefferson Park. Our fully restored 1930 style theater and loft style Annex provide Chicago with two unique concert venues with great acoustics for large or small performances.  Regular community events and meetings are held in the Annex, Lobby, or Kings Hall. Additional venue spaces host meetings, classes, and private parties on a weekly basis. The Annex, Lobby & Kings Hall are increasing in popularity for wedding receptions.

Centrum Kopernikowskie

Kazdego miesiaca w Centrum Kopernikowskim odbywaja sie koncerty, spektakle teatralne oraz innego rodzaju wydarzenia kulturalne. Nasz w pelni odrestaurowany, w stylu lat trzydziestych, teatr oraz nowoczesny Annex, stanowia unikalne miejsca koncertowe, zarowno dla duzych, jak i kameralnych imprez. W salach Copernicus Center (Annex, Lobby, Kings Hall) regularnie odbywaja sie spotkania najrozniejszych polskich organizacji. Dodatkowe pomieszczenia sa idealnym miejscem na cotygodniowe spotkania, wyklady oraz imprezy prywatne, w tym bardzo popularne przyjecia weselne.

Centrum Kopernikowskie wspierane jest przez Fundacje Kopernikowska, niedochodowa organizacje, ktora dziala nieprzerwanie od 1979 roku. Jej glownym celem jest wspieranie Polonii oraz rozwoj polskiej kultury w Chicago. Wiecej informacji na temat Fundacji znajda Panstwo pod zakladka “O Nas” (“About Us”).

Copernicus Center, 5216 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60630