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Fight for the Firehouse

Fight for the Firehouse websiteAs you might know, the Copernicus Foundation is trying to buy the abandoned firehouse at 4841 N. Lipps from the City of Chicago in a negotiated sale. The Foundation would renovate the property keeping its historic fa├žade and having it be part of our campus. The Copernicus Foundation is willing to pay $300,000 for the property which the city appraised at $208,000.

Sadly, the city appears to be accepting an offer from an outside developer, 4841 N. Lipps LLC (Ambrosia Homes) who will only be paying $1 for the property. There are a number of steps that have to be taken before that sale is final, so we are asking for your support in trying to stop the sale.

Please visit our website at express your support of the Copernicus Foundation by signing our petition. The site will also allow you to send an e-mail directly to your Alderman asking him not to vote for the negotiated sale of the firehouse to 4841 N. Lipps LLC.

Please pass this information along to any of your friends and colleagues and share it on your social media so we will be able to show Mayor Lightfoot and the Aldermen that the community supports the Copernicus Foundation in its endeavor to develop this property in the best interests of our community.

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