Media Mentions of the Copernicus Center & Events


► WGNTV: Nubmerous articles can be found for events at the Copernicus Center at THIS LINK..  More articles about our annual Taste of Polonia Festival can be found HERE.

Chicago Reader: Best Bingo Night:  SEE HERE

Soundfuse, November 1, 2013 (following Zappa concert)

    Sound Fuse Magazine:   … ” Copernicus Center is a vastly underplayed room in this city. In fact, I’d never even heard of it prior to this show. It’s a very upscale theatre with an gorgeous interior decor that makes it feel like you’re watching a concert under the stars — the space theme is played very well. It’s safe to say this place should be getting way more concerts.

12/15/2013 – AKO Christmas Show – Source: wgntv/2013/  A special Christmas concert at the Copernicus Center today also included a surprise homecoming for the family of a Chicago soldier.  Midway through the concert Cpl Zack Mucha surprised his father.

Zack`s father was called up to the stage the hold the America flag unaware of the surprise. And to the strains of ”I’ll be Home for Christmas,” Zack walked out on stage to greet his unsuspecting dad. Zack’s surprise appearance was arranged by the musical host of the show, Anthony Kawalkowski and a local senior home in Round Lake where Zack is from.   Read more:

  Elektryczne Gitary  November 30, 2013

XV All Souls Jazz Festival  November 8, 2013