Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events at the Copernicus Center

Bingo, Jackpot, Wildstar, Chicago, Jefferson Park

2x Weekly

2015 conference, Chicago, Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church, Pillars of Faith, Romanian, Romanian East Coast Youth Conference, Romanian youth

May 22 to 25

BAMBOO, CONCERT, Philippines Prince of Rock, Filipino, 5/30/2015, @copernicuscenter, Chicago, #‎BambooUSA2015

May 30

Little Stars hp

May 31

OSHA | Seminar | Training | PACBA | Chicago | Copernicus Center | Contractors | Builders

June 3

Pippi Pończoszanką, pippi ponszoszanka, Dzień Dziecka, Pippi, Chicago, Musical Pippi, Kinga Modjeska, Teatr Scena Polonia

June 7

Akademii PaSO, centrum Kopernik, Centrum Kopernikowskiej, Chicago, Classical Music, music concert, MUZYCZNE PODROZE, PaSO, polonia, Polska, polska muzyka, polskie imprezy, Wydarzenia

June 14

An Evening of Empowerment, Albany Park, APCC, Albany Park Community Center, Fundraiser, Charity, Benefit, Silent Auction, Auction, North Shore Community Bank, NEIU, North Eastern Illinois University, Swedish Covenant Hospital, Casey Smagala, Labelmaster, Alper, Alper Services, Jeff Manuel, Chicago

June 17

콘서트 7890, 시카고 최초 라이브 6개 밴드 공연, Father's Day 2015년, 6월 21일 오후 6시, 함중아와 무서운 아이들, 딕훼밀리-이천행, 사랑과 평화-최이철  템페스트, 장계현, 영사운드, 유영춘, 건아들, 이창환, Chicago, 한국어 이벤트

June 21

Dr. Cesar Lozano en Chicago, Viernes 26 de Junio 6PM, Copernicus Theatre, Chicago, Cesar Lozano, Copernicus Center

June 26

Fuse & Explode, Fuse and Explode, dance, live music, concert, tap dance, hip hop dance, event, jazz music, hip hop music, funk music, contemporary music, art, trentino, matt pospeshil, kurt schweitz, Chicago

July 17

El Gran Festival Colombiano, Colombian Independence, family event, Colombian, Chicago, music festival, colombian fest, festival, live concert, chicago events, colombia, cumbia, vallento, salsa, verbena, colombian food

July 18 & 19

Jibaro Soy, Elizardi Castro, Eli Castro, latino comedy, puerto rican, bomba, parranda, plena, comediante, Josue Torres, mikey o, Chicago, 2015

July 25

Miranda Sings, Chicago, Summer Camp, Comedy,

August 8

Taste of Polonia Festival, Chicago, Festival

Sept 4 to 7

ebi, persian concert, chicago persian events, farsi music, pop music, chicago concert, chicago events, chicago, Ebi, EMH Productions

September 12

kabaret, ani mru mru, polish event, cabaret, comedy, polskie wydarzenia, chicago

September 26

Zoltán Mága, from Budapest with Love, violin, virtuoso, Hungarian, music, gypsy music, maga, magyar, budapest, zene, hegedu, zoltan, live music, Chicago

October 23

Ани Лорак, Ani Lorak, 1-17-2016, Chicago, Современные балетные постановки, Украніан подія


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Concerts, Cultural, and Community Events

Events are happening weekly at the Copernicus Center in Jefferson Park. Our fully restored 1930 style theater and loft style Annex provide Chicago with two unique concert venues with great acoustics for large or small performances. Regular community events and meetings are held in the Annex, Lobby, or Kings Hall. Additional venue spaces host meetings, classes, and private parties on a weekly basis. The Annex, Lobby & Kings Hall are increasing in popularity for wedding receptions.

Polskie Wydarzenia w Copernicus Center – Chicago