You won’t find any other place like the Copernicus Center.  Built in 1930 at the intersection of Lawrence and Milwaukee, the Copernicus Center (former Gateway Movie Theater) has seen many generations walk through its unique doors. It’s hosted hundreds of singers, performers, politicians, schools, in its beautifully vintage designed theater.  The Copernicus Center has and always will be a nonprofit organization for ALL of Chicago. Standing in Jefferson Park, The Copernicus Theater and Center has been the home for the wide variety of ethnic communities in Chicago’s Polish Corridor on the historic Milwaukee Avenue.  Not only has it been a pivotal building for Polonia, but also for the whole diverse community of Chicago.  The theater alone fits 1,852 people and is in use on average 48 weeks per year.  Copernicus Center has been a vessel for the Chicago community for almost 50 years and we hope for it to always remain. 

Over the years, the Copernicus Foundation has been in the forefront of assisting the community in providing a location where all members, not only Polish can feel welcome. The Copernicus Center provides a location for diverse, local, and worldwide entertainment, events, meetings, seminars, parties and festivals. Many groups would not be able to afford the cost of renting space if it were not for our ongoing support or financial assistance. However, we now find ourselves needing help from that same community.  Copernicus Center is in need of a $250,000 roof replacement for the Annex building. While still being closed, due to COVID-19, we are unable to hold any event or concert to help facilitate the expense of the roof replacement. Our hope is that our community would consider Copernicus Foundation for a financial donation to help offset this cost. By doing so, this will allow us to continue making a positive change with the commitment of reaching our goals. 

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